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Hello and Welcome to KINB Designs! Pronounced as CAN BE! Where You CAN BE Yourself!

KINB Designs is a printing company focused on empowering others through unique designs and custom creations; reminding people that no matter what they are KIND, INTELLIGENT, NEVER ALONE and BRAVE! 

KINB aims to raise awareness of common issues faced by men, women, and children; and to promote healing and self-love through symbolic clothing and branded merchandise. We create our products through embroidery, sublimation, heat press, direct to film printing, digital designs, and more!

From making flyers, posters and stickers to creating business cards, we have expanded our creations to drinkware, apparel and so much more!

Everyone with an idea, we want to bring your vision to reality! Send us your image, quote, memory, logo or monogram to sales@kinbdesignsbusiness.com so we can work with you! Follow us on social media to see what our customers are ordering!